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Application Instructions

To apply for a MCSF grant for seventy-five percent (75%) of the school tuition (maximum of $1,400 per child, per year) follow these instructions:

  • Application period begins January 1 and ends April 30 to determine if you qualify financially for the grant by referring to the Income Guidelines.
  • Fill out a separate application for each child in grades K through 12.
  • Complete, sign, and mail the Student Application Form to MCSF, or fill in the online application form. Scholarship selection is on a random basis. Scholarship winners will be notified by mid-June
  • There is no need to re-apply every year. If you have applied in the past, call the MCSF office to check on the status of the file. Do not apply twice for the same child.
  • It is strictly up the school whether or not they accept the child for enrollment.
  • After the MCSF offers you a scholarship and once the school has accepted your child (or children) the school will complete and return the School Commitment Form Invoice to MCSF.
  • Hand delivered applications will not be accepted.

Income Eligibility Guidelines

Please continue only if your family meets the Income Guidelines.

Application Method

Please choose an application method.

Complete Online Application Form
Download and Mail Form

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